Movmx Classes


Our classes are broken into the following categories:

3) AGE classes within VINTAGE and PV,


1. Premier Open
2. Classic Open
3. Vintage 100cc Open – All pre 1975 100cc machines
4. Sportsman Open Novice
5. Sportsman Open Intermediate
6. Sportsman Open Expert

POST-VINTAGE (PV):  (we have combined Historic with GP and Ultima with Ultima II)

1. Historic / GP 125 Open
2. Historic / GP Open Novice
3. Historic / GP Open Intermediate
4. Historic / GP Open Expert
5. Ultima / Ultima II 125 Open
6. Ultima / Ultima II Open Novice
7. Ultima / Ultima II Open Intermediate
8. Ultima / Ultima II open Expert
9. Big Bike Open
10. Post-Vintage 100cc Open
11. Show-ME-Schultz Works (SMSW) Challenge

AGE classes within both VINTAGE and POST-VINTAGE (does not include Evo classes)

1. Vintage / Historic / GP +40 Open
2. Vintage / Historic / GP +50 Open
3. Vintage / Historic / GP +60 Novice
4. Vintage / Historic / GP +60 Advanced
5. Post-Vintage +40 Intermediate
6. Post-Vintage +40 Novice
7. Post-Vintage +50 Intermediate
8. Post-Vintage +50 Novice
9. Post-Vintage +40 Intermediate
10. Post-Vintage +60 Novice
11. Post-Vintage +60 Intermediate
12. Post-Vintage Open Expert


1. Trailbike- two or four-stroke machines not originally designed for motocross use (e.g., PE, IT, DR,
KDX, etc.) pre 1992.
2. Pitbike- four stroke air cooled up to 150cc (e.g., KLX110, DRZ110, CRF150F, XR)
3. Playbike – Any year air cooled four-stroke up to 230cc (e.g., TTR, CRF, DRZ)
4. Women – Any machine, vintage or modern
5. 2-Stroke Open – Open to all modern and 2-stroke machines including superminis


(We will adjust this set of classes as needed. New for 2020, this allows our vintage racers to
be able to race their modern bikes at movmx events. Please note that a racer can only enroll in a
“modern class” if that racer is also racing a Vintage, Post-Vintage, Super Evo or Custom class, except 2-
stroke Open

1. Open Age Novice
2. Open Age Advanced
3. +40 Open
4. +50 Open
5. +60 Open

SUPER EVO: (New for 2020, any machine manufactured from 1990-1999, this was 93-97)

1. 125 Novice
2. 125 Intermediate
3. 250/Open Novice
4. 250/Open Intermediate
5. 125/250/Open Expert – There will be one expert class for all Super Evo classes.

YOUTH – Minibike Cup (all youth riders receive awards)

The focus of our movmx youth classes is to introduce young racers to competitive mx. Beginner classes
are designed for a racer who has never raced or has raced less than a year. Advanced classes are for
racers who have raced for at least a year. We ask our State minibike riders to race the 2-stroke open
1. 50cc Peewee ages 4-6
2. 50cc Peewee ages 7-10
3. 65cc Beginner
4. 65cc Advanced
5. 85cc Beginner
6. 85cc Advanced
7. Youth Four-stoke – machines up to 150cc
8. Youth Vintage – Any minibike machine up to and including 1989
9. Stacyc (at select events, not minibike Cup eligible)


• Premier Class – Any pre 1965-era machine
• Classic – Any pre 1971-era machine
• Vintage 100cc Open – Any pre 1975 100cc machine
• Sportsman Class – Any 125cc, 250cc, 500cc, including twin-cylinder machines up to and including model year 1974


• Historic – Certain 125cc-460cc machines built up to and including the 1977 model year as the first
generation of long-travel machines. This includes four-strokes up to 636cc. Overhead cam machines are
limited to 500cc.
• GP – Certain post-1977 machines, 125cc-500cc two-stroke, and up to 580cc four-stroke with twin
shock long travel, non-linkage mono shock
• Ultima – Certain 125cc-580cc machines with linkage/single shock rear suspension without disc brake
• Ultima II – Any machine originally manufactured with disc brakes up to and including 1989 (please
note this is a change from 2019, when machines up to 1992 were permitted)
• Big Bike Open – Open to all Vintage or Post-Vintage machines up to and including 1989 (please note
this is a change from 2019, when machines up to 1992 were permitted)
• ShowMeSchultz Works (SMSW) – Wide open stock or build your own 100 air cooled two-strokes.
100cc air cooled vs any 4-stroke up to 200cc with 2 valves. (e.g., Marty Tripes Works Challenge)